Fleet Management

Fleet management in today’s world has become more important than ever. With the rising costs of vehicles, fuel and labour, making the most productive use of your fleet has become a business imperative. Orchid’s fleet management solutions provides you with all the tools you need to maintain and take control of your fleet. Doing this will allow you to make better decisions on how to reduce your costs, improve customer service levels and manage your asset risk more effectively.

Fleet Intelligence

Orchid’s Fleet Management Software provides you with intelligent fleet information anytime, anywhere.

Driver and vehicle information is tracked and stored, providing you with real-time data that translates into more effective control. The Orchid system provides you with the information you want when you need it rather than giving you information overload.
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Fuel Management

A reduction in fuel costs can have a significant effect on your bottom line.

A fuel management solution can help you measure the actual fuel consumption of individual vehicles in your fleet. You can also monitor bad driving behaviours which lead to excessive fuel consumption.
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Secure Hub Architecture

Hub Network

If you require the services of a fleet management company, ensure they have a strong IT infrastructure. We have a triple redundant hub environment that is completely secure and provides a number of critical advantages. You have 24/7 access to any fleet related information you require and all transmitted information is encrypted. Additionally, all your data is backed up at a remote secure location.

We provide full system training for all our new clients and our client support teams will ensure that you utilise your fleet management solution to its maximum potential.